Col2Const(for sale) english version

Col2Const is a tool for C/VB/Java programmer.
try Col2Const when you feel "i want to convert many columns on document to const on source. but i don't want to troublesome converting large characters.".
for example
Col2Const don't work without ".Net Frame Work 4.0".

Download Col2Const(English) Ver0.00


Windows Vista
.Net Frame Work 4.0

How To Use

feel how to use it.
i don't want to translate it to English. it's troublesome for me.
hint of how to use it

exemption from responsibility & copyright

if something happened with Col2Const, i will do nothing for you.
don't complaint me.

it's mine.
don't distribute Col2Const. don't sell Col2Const. it's illegal.


no support. i do nothing for you.
don't send me mail.


if you cut cost over 100 japanese yen with Col2Const, raise 100 japanese yen.

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